Secrets to Success

By Karla McDiarmid

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A Message from Karla.

Hello! I created Secrets to Success as I love helping other business owners to succeed in their businesses every day – no matter what the business is! It breaks my heart to see businesses closing their doors and hearing how owners cannot even afford to pay themselves each week yet some quick and easy tips can make all of the difference. Secrets to Success is my tips & tricks for how to be more successful in life & business. I hope you enjoy the program!

Secrets to Success is;


Business mentoring from the freedom of your clinic, couch or kitchen!


Monthly payment plans that won't break the bank!


If you have internet, then you have Karla! Learn via pc, tablet and mobile devices.


Tried and tested, business advice from an industry icon.

"I want you to make more money, enjoy your life, spend time with your family and get on those holidays you've been dreaming about!"
Karla McDiarmid

Business mentoring like no other!

Join multi-site and award winning business owner, Karla McDiarmid, as she guides you through her essential steps for creation, expansion and operations of business.

A problem solver. A planner. A friend. Your mentor.
Karla provides tangible and relatable business knowledge, accountability and helps drive you and  your business towards clarity. You can achieve the success you’ve dreamed of, with a helping hand from Karla.

Passionate about mentoring sole traders, traditional and corporate women in business, think of Karla as your virtual business partner, to help you up-level your business, your mindset and your results.

Karla spills her secrets!

Four time ABIA award winner, seven time World Luxury Spa Awards winner, twice named the Australian Beauty salon of the year in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards & named as the Bathurst & Orange Business Leaders of the Year in 2017 & 2019, with her Bathurst Medi Spa twice being named the Bathurst business of the Year - Karla is now spilling her Secrets to Success!

Course Outline

Karla's Secrets Include:

- A focus on your personal mindset and goals
- Your business branding and perspective
- Education and Training investment tips
- HR, Recruitment and Retention
- Productivity and Purpose for team engagement
- Making your Marketing work for you
- Product and Machinery advice
- How and when to look at budgets and financials
- Karla's process for winning awards
- How to give back to your community
- The importance of people that surround and support your business

Download Karla's checklist on what you should be doing right now in your business!

Learn how to not only survive but THRIVE in business. Karla has created a checklist to help other business owners do the same!

"Enrolling in Karlas program was one of the best choices I made for my business! Given her many years of success across her businesses, there’s an abundance to learn from her course. She shares fabulous tips whilst keeping them simple, effective and consistent so you’re always levelling up. Karla is kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, smart, approachable and her mentoring program is completely invaluable. "


"I can honestly say, reaching out to Karla was the best business decision I have ever made. My beauty business has blossomed. Karla’s hands on experience in the beauty industry means she just gets it. Karla knows exactly what you’re going through and gives you direction on what actually works. She is always checking in. It’s like she “knows” when I need some encouragement or assistance. Thank-you Karla"


"Karla is an outstanding business owner who has developed a skill set that covers all the key areas needed for success in the beauty industry. Her communication and training with her team is always well planned and delivered in an inspiring and positive way. She has the respect of her team and gets the results needed from a leader. Her marketing skills are creative and always highly effective. She, herself is an excellent educator and mentor for her team, and guides and supports them in every way possible. Her large team has grown and developed because of the attention to detail, planning of the training and inspiration she provides. "


Frequently Asked Questions

Secrets to Success online course is suitable for business owners of all industries - not just the beauty industry!

Being a business owner herself, Karla knows what it is like to have time restraints and pressures when it comes to learning. For this reason, Secrets to Success Online Course provides you yearly access for you to log on and learn how and when you're ready.

Karla shares her Secrets to Success across operations and team development, attraction of clients through marketing, as well as, expansion and business growth tactics. 

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